Wilf Goes Wild!

An Interactive, Online Children's Musical Series | In Development

Created by Sarah Middleton & Josh Sneesby | Directed by Matt Powell

About the Project

WILF GOES WILD is a short-form, educational musical series following the adventures of self proclaimed explorer Wilf & his sister Willow. Through imagined expeditions, they learn about different parts of our world meeting a colourful cast of characters along the way. Wilf Goes Wild is unapologetically musical. The colourful and musical world of Wilf’s adventures aims to be entertaining, educational and epic. 

Wilf’s adventure began during on hope: a digital song cycle. Josh and Sarah presented a five minute song introducing us to the young wannabe explorer, who’s imagination takes him to on epic adventures. Following a popular response, Matt approached Josh and Sarah about developing the character further, seeing potential in the catchy sound & exciting visual style of the short song. 

We are currently developing an online, interactive and accessible pilot episode (running at approx 10 minutes)  which will allow us to experiment with form & structure. Ultimately this pilot will lead to us develop a multi-episode musical piece to inspire children to learn about the natural world, through Wilf’s imagined adventures.