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“Cause different is my normal, and normal is my different. 

So why change that, and for what?”


Tom is a gay, 25 year old, interning for, writing empty articles and quizzes that determine which Kardashian your pet dog is.

Jess, also 25, has just quit her job as a junior doctor and is unsure where life will turn.

Olly & Tyler have been together for three years and are looking for new adventures.

Megan & Chloe are here for all the tea, hangovers and drama.


Through the prism of social media, satire and song, SNOWFLAKE is a kaleidoscopic musical navigating the tricky nature of sexual identity and community within the confines of modern millennial hood. What happens when the label you gave yourself no longer fits? Do you fight the confusion or embrace the ambiguity? 

SNOWFLAKE premieres in a semi-staged concert production as part of The Lowry, Salford Quays' REWRITES festival, presenting the full ADJECTIVE musical performed by an All Star cast.

Snowflake's debut Visual EP was nominated for an OnComm award.

Workshop Production - Cast and Creatives

SNOWFLAKE by Lewis Cornay

Tom: Lewis Cornay | Jess: Eve Norris | Megan: Rochelle Sherona | Olly: Isaac Hesketh | Tyler: Roly Botha

Chloe: Phoebe Ellabani | Ensemble: Aitch Wylie & Annie Southall

Director: Tom Jackson-Greaves

Musical Director & Arrangements: Nick Barstow | Music Director & Arrangements: Matt Herbert


Visual EP Credits

Created by Lewis Cornay & Matt Powell

Book, Music and Lyrics: Lewis Cornay

Editor & Producer: Matt Powell

Tom: Lewis Cornay | Jess: Emma Lucia | Olly: Adam Bailey | Tyler: Lawrence Smith Avo Addict: James Nicholson |  Avo Dealer: Alex Gage 

Birthday Brat: Grace Mouat | Bright Eyed Boy: Rob Houchen |  Dad: James Hume | Distressed Man: Josh Barnett |  Distressed Woman: Molly Lynch Doctor: Samuel Daltry |  Female News Reporter: Julie Atherton |  Grindr Boys: James Chisholm, Jed Berry, Joseph Davenport, Luke Fraser Yates,

Matt Powell, Matthew Rankcom Husband: Matt Mcdonald |  Legs: Matt Powell | Male News Reporter: Keiran Brown |  Midwife: Renee Lamb

Mum: Caroline Kay |  Vloggers: Hannah Grace Lawson, Jade Johnson |  Zen Counselor: Hattie Kemish |  Ensemble: Connor Hughes, Gregory George, Kyle Birch, Liv Alexander, Matteo Johnson, Meg Power, Molly Huddleston, Nick Gartland, Nicola Espallardo, Olly Christopher, Sadie Hurst,

Savana Jeffrey, Shona Eaton, Tara Lucas