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reimagining & reframing queer representation in musical theatre

queered is an ongoing performance & research series from director Matt Powell exploring how we can broaden queer representation in musical theatre through reimagining, reframing and reinterpreting repertoire & revivals.

queered leads with the question "What If?" Often, revivals have stuck to a casting aesthetic of days gone by & adhere to rigid binaries of gender & sexuality. Through queer reframing, we can reflect and embrace the ever-changing definition and identities of queerness, bringing lived experience into work when revived. queered encourages an avoidance of stereotyped representation and adhering to rigid male/female and hetero/homo binaries. The art form must provide space for all queer voices through realised characters and narratives to navigate the help navigate the maze and celebrate the beautiful existences of queers.

We are committed to showcasing LGBTQ+ talent & casting correctly. We have a constant open call to connect with queer talent.

queered exists: as

Performances: Described as 'volumes', each iteration of queered works with performers to explore a part of themselves or a history through musical theatre's vast repertoire.

Research: Ongoing writing and reflections from director Matt Powell & participants on the subject of queering.

Workshops: queered is available as a workshop to schools & individuals looking at ways to bring their identity into their rep & challenge previous binaries musicals have presented us.


Volume One: 24th June 2020 

queered launches in style in a blend of live performances & cinematic recordings to create an evening that celebrates and interrogates what queer representation in Musical Theatre can be.


In the first digital performance, stories of love and lust, community and identity are brought to life through new arrangements and performances of musical theatre's vast repertoire.

Cast: Adam Raymont, Aitch Wylie, Alan Lewis, Ashley Gibbins, Charlotte Yorke, Conor Gormally, Eleanor Faye, Elliott Wooster, Emily Qualmann, Evie Rose Lane, Faye Wheeler, Freddie Love, Harrison Knights, Jo Eaton-Kent, Joash Musundi, Jordan McMahon, Kaidyn Niall Hinds, Lucy Dickson, Matthew Jacobs Morgan, Michael Mather, Richard Aaron, Roly Botha, Roshani Abbey, Waylon Jacobs

Director & Editor: Matt Powell | Musical Directors: Flynn Sturgeon, Sam Young, Zach Flis | Assistant Director: Ryan Wiggins | Technical Production: Adam Lenson & Chris Czoryji (technical.solutions)