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on hope: Part Two Announced

on hope: a digital song cycle is an unprecedented outpouring of new musical theatre pieces designed to spark hope during this global crisis. Curated by Matt Powell & Victoria Saxton in collaboration with The Other Palace, the trilogy blends together pre-recorded and live performances of songs written by over 60 international composers and features a cast of over 100 performers while in isolation.

Part 2 of our global journey of hope continues with reflections, climate interventions, and loss. Featuring new music from Jake Brunger & Pippa Cleary and Benjamin Scheurer, with performances from Joanne Clifton, Christina Bennington and Jodie Steele.

  • Leaving Hope, Missouri - Music and Lyrics by Hilmi Jaidin - Performed by Amanda Maud

  • Can’t Wait - Music by Earl Marrows, Lyrics by Kerry Kaz - Performed by Andrew Santo

  • Something Beautiful - Music by Lucy O’Brien, Lyrics by Sam Rosenblatt - Performed by Charlotte Neale & Molly Langley, featuring choreography by Jamie Neale

  • Tiny Little Tardigrade - Music and Lyrics by Neil Bastian - Performed by Jordan Castle

  • Turquoise Blue - Music by Bella Barlow, Lyrics by Nikki Racklin - Performed by Alice Patton

  • Bloom - Music and Lyrics by Maisy Beth Crunden - Performed by Maisy Beth Crunden

  • Invisible no more… (for greta) - Music by jb

  • Silver Linings - Music and Lyrics by Phoebe & Isabella Mansell - Performed by Phoebe & Isabella Mansell

  • Lend Me a Hand - Music and Lyrics by Zoe Morris and Rachel Hammond - Performed by Heather Phoenix and Rachel Hammond

  • Another Day (‘Til Then) - Music and Lyrics by Michael Patrick Walker - Performed by Joanne Clifton

  • Can’t Wait to Get Back - Music by Matthew Spalding, Lyrics by Joe McNeice - Performed by Max Alexander-Taylor

  • Singing Through The Walls - Music by Josh Bird, Lyrics by Rachel Bellman - Performed by Christina Bennington

  • Crying in Tesco - Music and Lyrics by Eleonore Duzibo & Sam Young - Performed by Eleonore Duzibo

  • There’s Love Inside - Music and Lyrics by Dominic Debartolo - Performed by Dominic Debartolo

  • My Wish - Music by Chris Hutchings, Lyrics by Nadim S. - Performed by Lawrence Smith

  • An Ordinary Day - Music and Lyrics by Susannah Pearse - Performed by Mari Izzazrd

  • Choose Hope - Music and Lyrics by Jon Hare

  • Blue- Music and Lyrics by Becca Blackmore - Performed by Becca Blackmore

  • I Don’t Need You to Hope - Music and Lyrics by Benjamin Scheurer - Performed by Benjamin Scheurer

  • Explorers Song - Music and Lyrics by Sarah Middleton and Josh Sneesby

  • Attempting a song on hope - Music and Lyrics by Emily Rose Simons - Performed by Emily Rose Simons

  • We Can Wait - Music and Lyrics by Jake Brunger & Pippa Cleary - Performed by Jodie Steele, Liam Doyle, Katie Birtill and Tosh-Wangho Maud

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