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on hope: Part One Announced!

on hope: a digital song cycle is an unprecedented outpouring of new musical theatre pieces designed to spark hope during this global crisis. Curated by Matt Powell & Victoria Saxton in collaboration with The Other Palace, the trilogy blends together pre-recorded and live performances of songs written by over 60 international composers and features a cast of over 100 performers while in isolation.

Part 1 of our global journey of hope begins with stories of late night longing, childhood adventure & romantic connections featuring:

  • #TwoAM - Music and Lyrics by Anne-Marie Piazza - Performed by Anne-Marie Piazza

  • 153 - Music and Lyrics by Alex Syiek - Performed by Alex Syiek

  • Quaranqueen - Music by Meg McGrady, Lyrics by Laura McGrady - Performed by Sophie Issacs

  • Why Won’t You Pick Up the Phone To Me? - Music and Lyrics by Drew Dillon - Performed by Fra Fee

  • Thank Goodness - Music and Lyrics by Barlow and Smith - Performed by Bella Barlow

  • Outside - Music and Lyrics by Alanya Bridge - Performed by Arabella

  • Hopeless Case - Music and Lyrics by Joe Howlett - Performed by Waylon Jacobs

  • Can’t Wait to get Back - Music by Matt Spalding, Lyrics by Joe McNeice - Performed by Max Alexander-Taylor

  • 給生命喝采 (Dare to Cheer) - Music by Cynthia Wong, Lyrics by Serena Tong, Music Arrangement by Patricio Chan

  • Beacon - Music and Lyrics by Vic Landa and Mayta Cohen - Performed by Clara Coslett, Mayta Cohen & Vic Landa

  • Why So Blue - Music and Lyrics by Sharon Kenny - Performed by Sharon Kenny, with choreography by Christina Fulcher

  • One of Me - Music and Lyrics by Omar Baroud - Performed by Omar Baroud

  • In the Middle - Music and Lyrics by Leanne Sedin - Performed by Leanne Sedin

  • The Girl Next Door - Music and Lyrics by Gus Gowland - Performed by Alice Fearn

  • Strange (The Mango Song) - Music by William Karras, Lyrics by Janey Miles Geingold - Performed by Scott Folan & Kirsty Maclaren

  • Love Finds a Way - Music by Jaime Lozano, Lyrics by Neena Beeber - Performed by Florencia Cyenca

  • Anti Bac Boy - Music and Lyrics by Lewis Cornay - Performed by Lewis Cornay

  • After the Dawn - Music and Lyrics by Davyd Strahan-Hughes - Performed by Wesley Strahan-Hughes

  • One Note After Another - Music and Lyrics by Rob Rokicki - Performed by Chris Peluso & Jessica Gomes-Ng

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