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New Musical, Snowflake, set to launch with innovative Visual EP

A brand new musical from actor/writer Lewis Cornay is set to launch with an innovative visual EP.

Snowflake is a fast paced, kaleidoscopic musical which explores the tricky nature of sexual identity in a world obsessed with labels. The piece follows a group of twenty-somethings navigating the complexities of millennial life from open relationships to monogamy, virtue signalling to avocados. The musical challenges the box that you and society put yourself in, and asks how we can rewrite our narrative, when society seems so intent on controlling the parameters.

The musical will launch in a fifteen minute visual EP created by Lewis Cornay & producer/video director Matt Powell, starring Emma Lucia, Adam Bailey & Lawrence Smith in featured roles.

Powell comments “During this time we wondered what the best way to launch Snowflake would be. Seeing as an integral part of the show is centered around the internet, this seemed like an interesting blend of worlds! We’re thrilled to have brought together a cast of really exciting 2020 grads and west end performers including: Rob Houchen, Grace Mouat, Molly Lynch, Julie Atherton- to name a few! They have all been incredibly supportive in bringing the show to life, and we couldn’t be more grateful for the industry doing its best to nurture new work in this very scary time for theatre!”

Cornay added “After working on the project for nearly two years, It’s incredibly exciting to see it coming to life. The themes and messages of the show are really important to me, and I hope they will strike a chord (if you’ll pardon the pun) with audiences.”

Snowflake premieres on Thursday 6th August at 6:00pm on the MPTheatricals YouTube channel where you can watch a teaser featuring Alex Young and Lewis Cornay ahead of the release. Snowflake is written by Lewis Cornay & is produced by MPTheatricals.

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