Pay What You Can

MTPRIDE will be available for free as we believe it’s vital that queer-focused works are easily accessible, particularly for younger queer viewers. Therefore, we’ve launched a Pay What You Can scheme for the series. We invite everyone to attend and, if possible, pay whatever they can! Be it £1, £5, £15 or £0.

50% To Charities

UK BLACK PRIDE: UK Black Pride is Europe’s largest celebration for LGBTQ people of African, Asian, Caribbean, Middle Eastern and Latin American descent. UK Black Pride is a safe space to celebrate diverse sexualities, gender identities, cultures, gender expressions and backgrounds who foster, represent and celebrate Black LGBTQ and QTIPOC culture through education, the arts, cultural events and advocacy 


GENDERED INTELLIGENCE: Gendered Intelligence is a charity focussed on increasing understanding of gender diversity. GI works with the trans community, and those who impact trans lives, specialising in supporting young trans people aged 8-25. They aim to positively impact the quality of trans peoples’ lives, through increasing trans visibility, community cohesion and engaging the wider world in understanding the diversity and complexity of gender.

50% To Artists

50% - Artist Support Fund

This will help us cover: 

  • Production costs 

  • Financial compensation for the artists contributing to the project by offering percentage split fees 

  • Future investment/support and development of new projects.

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Art by William Lloyd (@william.lloydart)