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on hope: a digital song cycle Curated by Matt Powell & Victoria Saxton


“Once you choose hope, anything’s possible.” Christopher Reeve


MPTheatricals in collaboration with The Other Palace to present on hope: a digital song cycle -  an unprecedented outpouring of new musical theatre pieces designed to spark hope during this global crisis.


Curated by Matt Powell & Victoria Saxton in collaboration with The Other Palace, the trilogy blends together pre-recorded and live performances of songs written by over 60 international composers and features a cast of over 100 performers while in isolation


Lyric Book

Curated by Matt Powell & Victoria Saxton

Venue Producer: Kiki Stevenson

Technical Production: Bartek Podkowa, Heather Pasfield

Songwriters: Amies and Clements, AJ O'Neill, Åke Andersson,

Alanya Bridge, Alex Syiek, Amy Clare Tasker, Anne-Marie Piazza, Becca Blackmore, Bella Barlow & A.C Smith, Bella Barlow & Nikki Racklin, Benjamin Scheuer, Chris Ash & Victoria Saxton,

Chris Hutchings, Cynthia Wong, Davyd Strahan-Hughes, Drew Dillon, Eléonore Duizabo & Sam Young, Emily Rose Simons, Gus Gowland, Hilmi Jaidin, Izzy Owen, Jaime Lozano & Neena Beber, Jake Brunger & Pippa Cleary, janine browne (jb), Jean-Paul Mark Shlom, Joe Howlett, Joe McNeice & Matt Spalding, Jim Barne, Jon Hare, Jonathan O'Neill & Issac Savage, Jordan Li-Smith, Jude Taylor, Kath Haling, Kerry Kaz & Earl Marrows, Keurim Hur & Tidtaya Sinutoke, Kevin Velez, KS Lewkowicz, Leanne Sedin, Lewis Cornay, Lillia Woodbury, Luke Di Somma, Maisy Beth Crunden, Meg McGrady & Laura McGrady, Michael Patrick Walker, Neil Bastian, Omar Baroud, Phoebe & Isabella Mansell, Rachel Bellman & Josh Bird, Raphael Smith, Rebecca Hart, Rob Rokicki, Samantha Rosenblatt & Lucy O'Brien, Sara Eeke & Giles Fernando, Sarah Middleton & Josh Sneesby, Sharon Kenny, Stew Simpson & Mat Mellor, Susannah Pearse, Tony Greenlaw, Vic Landa & Mayta Cohen, William Karras & Janey Feingold, Vikki Stone, Zoe Morris & Matthew Mori, Zoe Morris & Rachel Hammond