Is He Musical?

A New Musical by Jude Taylor


‘Is He Musical?’ is an intimate and joyous exploration of the lives of a small group of queer people who lived, loved and partied across 1930s London.

Autumn 1933. Laurence has just moved to London, bringing only his cello with him. At the same time, Wilfred is considering trading in the city for the country. Both men cross paths at a number of hidden queer nightlife spots across the West End and find fun, love, family and happiness in the process. But although life in their hidden world is surprisingly free and easy, how long can it last?

The musical was commissioned by MPTheatricals in February 2021 after Taylor’s contribution to QUEERME: a new writing night. Since then, the musical has received ongoing development from director Matt Powell on a weekly basis. In April, the musical had a virtual reading and is currently being redrafted for a workshop at the Curve, Leicester this June.