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Hey. I'm Matt (they/he): a creative interested in queer stories and new musical theatre. Since 2013, I've created opportunity for over 500 performers, writers and creatives through digital, community, youth and fringe theatre, whilst working as a freelance Assistant Director & Video Designer and studying at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama. 

In 2020, I founded MPTheatricals to formalise my producing ambitions during the COVID-19 pandemic. My vision for MPTheatricals is to be a development and producing platform for:

LGBTQ+ Musical Theatre

As a genderqueer identifying person & someone who discovered their queerness through musical theatre, I believe it is vital more queer stories are told away from stereotype and cliche by:

  • Platforming New Queer Writing through concerts and development sessions.

  • Commissioning and Developing stories with writers. Our first queer musical commission, Is He Musical by Jude Taylor is currently in development and I am working to create further commissions in the coming months.

  • Showcasing Queer Talent at every corner through showcases and ensuring casting processes are transparent, fair and ensure protected characteristics are met.

Musical Stories on Screen

I've always been fascinated by the hybrid of film and theatre. The pandemic forced our stages onto screen & I am constantly intrigued by how we can continue innovate and create outstanding musical stories on screen as we move out of the pandemic by:

  • Innovate and question how the digital world can launch, extend and expand new musicals

  • Commission and Develop Concepts with writers and creatives in genres and mediums that are new to us. Our first commission, Wilf Goes Wild by Sarah Middleton and Josh Sneesby was piloted with support from Arts Council England and is now being further developed and pitched to some of the leading Children's TV companies around the world.

If you think you have a project that would work with MPTheatricals' ethos, contact us!


I'm always up for a coffee/glass of wine, and provide a variety of PWYC services for Artist Development, Arts Council Project Grants support, Video Production and Consultancy.

As a producer, I am to ethically create opportunity that deviates away from the traditional routes of development and production. I celebrate artists working across multiple disciplines & like to provide new opportunities and ways of working on all projects. I don't have a huge amount of money, but I have a lot of passion to bring work into the world and will work to create opportunity.

I am passionate about collaboration, and am keen to build a collaborative producing approach to MPTheatricals work in the future. Be it working with a venue, a company or an individual producer, I envision every project being a collaboration of fantastic producing & creative minds.